Macray Harbor History

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In 2017 Macray Harbor celebrated its 30th anniversary as a destination where members can enjoy the finest of harbor amenities on Lake St. Clair. Over its history, Macray has had the benefit of three different owners, each bringing a unique vision which has made Macray Harbor what it is today.


In 1987, Bill McMachen, one of the first Sea Ray dealers in the world, and CN Ray, founder of Sea Ray Boats, partnered to purchase vacant property adjacent to Selfridge Air National Guard Base. During the mid 80’s the boating industry was growing significantly and finding dockage was a challenge.

Bill and CN could have simply built docks to capitalize on this need, but their vision was greater. They were boaters themselves, so they knew that by creating a destination with amenities and services never implemented in a harbor atmosphere, the boating experience would be unforgettable.

A vision comes to life

From adjacent parking at every well to adjustable cleats, pump out capability, cable TV, and phone service at every dock Macray was indeed special. The vision did not stop there. The docks were made extraordinarily wide, sacrificing the chance for more wells in exchange for the increased safety and convenience for the boater.

Macray also brought the concept of harbor condominium living to new levels. Condo owners even today enjoy condo living on the water while also having 12 month access to their boats moored inside in wells adjacent to their living areas.

Giving Back

For the next 20 years, Macray continued to serve its members, but also served its community. Macray Harbor staff were and still are heavily involved in giving back to the community through service to local groups and charities. We support our local military, chambers of commerce, boating safety, and charitable organizations.

Environmental Protections

The Harbor is proud to have been at the forefront in the development of the Michigan Clean Marina initiative. Since day one, Harbor Management was involved in the design and implementation of a program whereby a harbor can be certified as a “Clean Marina.”

This is a true commitment to the environment making every effort to protect our land and water through use of best management practices, staff and boater training. Macray was one of the first harbors to become certified and continues today to be recertified through independent reviews and inspections.


Macray Harbor has received the Industry Marina of the Year Award. This award, given annually to one harbor in the world, recognizes a harbor offering a very high standard of service and amenities to its boaters, while serving its community and respecting the environment.

Today we continue to provide an unforgettable experience for members and their guests.

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