Store and Fuel Dock

Fuel Dock & Harbor Store Hours

Sunday – Thursday 8am – 8pm 

Friday & Saturday – 8am – 10pm


*Now offering Full Service Fueling!*


Harbor Store Now Open!

Our fuel dock sells ValvTect Marine Fuel in 90 ethanol-free or 89 with ethanol


10 ValvTect marine gasoline dispensers

4 ValvTect marine low sulphur diesel dispensers

All dispensers include high speed pumping ability

3 pump out stations now featuring 2 high speed pump out stations for your speed and convenience


ValvTect Marine Gasoline is specially formulated for marine engine use and has octane performance improvers. ValvTect gasoline requires no additional fuel additives to protect marine engines, eliminating the additional time, cost and risk of improper use of marine fuel additives.

Our ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel includes a bioguard additive to protect against bacteria related fuel problems. The fuel dock does not sell any ethanol blended fuel.

All of the conveniences of your corner store

Our Harbor Store carries a variety of essential items such as:

  • Basic grocery items and snack foods
  • Ice cream products
  • Bagged ice
  • Personal care items
  • Basic boating supplies
  • Macray merchandise
  • Boutique Clothing Items
  • Assorted soft drinks
  • Bottled water
  • Assorted selection of beer, wine and specialty beverages.


We also monitor VHF Channel 14 (ship to shore radio).

Phone# 586.468.1900 x.441